Monday, 5 August 2019


A fox passed through a grapevine twisting around a tree's components. He saw a lot of hanging grapes above. He jumped a couple of grapes to grab. The grapes for him, however, were unreasonably big.

"You have to develop fox," said a monkey residing on the tree; "bring some grapes here." The monkey lifted the branch and dropped a few grapes. The fox had them in his mouth conveniently. 

"Is it nice?" the monkey asked. 

"Not all that nice," said the fox while he was leaving. 

The fox falls from the tree the next day.

He researched the hanging lots of grapes above. He took and bounced a brief run. He could hop higher this time, but not high enough to get to the grapes. The friendly monkey pushed the branch down, helping the fox grab a few grapes as they dropped. 

"Is that nice?" the monkey asked. "Not everything that nice," the fox said as he left. 

The fox was back the next day. He looked determined to get the grapes this time.
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