Friday, 13 September 2019

Fighting Goats and jackle

in the last post we enjoyed the story of jackle and drum. today we comes with another great story. lets start.

One day, while a shepherd was going through a jungle, he saw two golden rams fighting each other. Fighting Goats And The Jackal both were wounded and blood sucked out of their heads and bodies, they never stopped fighting and thrust against each other.

\A hungry jackal passed by at the same moment. He began to lick the blood from the floor when he saw all the blood without taking care of the fighting rams.

Looking at all this, the sage thought to himself, "This jackal is a fool because the smell of blood has made him greedy. If he goes between the fighting rams, he'll get smashed and hurt himself."

As soon as the sage had thought about it, the jackal craving for more blood came closer to the battle lions and was caught in the middle of their battle. Through error, both the rams broken into him. He hit his head and fell down because he was seriously injured.

Thanks for reading !! we coming soon with new kids story !!
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