Thursday, 12 September 2019


One day a fox in jungle lived. one day fox wandered in jungle and fox become very hungry but not getting food.  He walked out of the jungle in which he resided after some moment, reaching a deserted battlefield.A fight has lately been fought in this deserted battlefield. The combat forces had left behind a drum lying close to a tree.

The tree's branches were rubbed against the drum as powerful winds blew. This made a strange noise.When the jackal heard this sound, he got very frightened and thought of running away, "If I can not flee from here before I am seen by the person making all this noise, I will be in trouble".

He was having a second thought as he was about to run away. "Running away from something without understanding it is unwise. Instead, I have to be cautious to find out the origin of this noise."

He took the bravery to walk cautiously forward. He knew that it was only the wind that caused all the noise when he saw the drum.He continued his search for food and discovered enough food and water near the drum. 

for more story related this you can read : fighting goats and jackle.

:: moral of this story :: 

" in the life only brave become success. "

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