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the story of Janardan merchant.

A very effective and successful merchant lived in a town called janardan. A Merchant's Fall And Rise. The king was conscious of his skills, making him the kingdom's administrator.With his efficient and intelligent ways, he kept common man very happy, and at the same time he impressed the king on the other side. Such a person, who can keep everybody happy, is rarely found.

Later, there came a time that the merchant's daughter was getting married. He arranged for a lavish reception.Not only did the merchant invite the king and the queen to attend, but he also invited the whole royal household and all the kingdom's respected people.He made sure to provide his customers with the finest treatments during the reception. He gave gifts to visitors in order to show them consideration for his invitation.

A servant of the royal household, who used to sweep the palace, was not invited but attended the reception.He took a seat which was reserved for royal nobles, not meant for common invitees.This made the merchant very angry. He caught him by the neck and ordered his servants to have him thrown out.The royal servant felt very insulting and was unable to sleep the whole night. He believed, "If I can have the king dislike this merchant, I'm going to get my vengeance, but what can I do to hurt a strong individual like him?" Thinking such, he suddenly had a plan.

The Fall And Rise of A Merchant-Panchatantra Story Picture Several days later, the servant was sweeping the floor near the king's bed early in the morning. He observed that that the king was still in bed, half awake. The servant started mumbling, "Good heavens! The merchant has become so carefree now that he dared to embrace the queen!"When the king heard this lying in his bed, he jumped up and asked the servant, "Is it true? Have you seen the merchant embrace my queen yourself?" The servant fell at once at the feet of the king, "O Master, I was gambling all night. I feel sleepy because I didn't sleep last night. I don't understand what I was mumbling about, but I said something wrong, kindly forgive me."

The king no longer spoke, but the servant knew that the seed of suspicion had been sown. The king believed, "It can be true! The servant passes freely around the palace, and so does the merchant. The servant may have seen something." A merchant's Fall And Rise-Panchatantra Story Picture The king was jealously disturbed. From that day onwards, he withdrew his favours from the merchant and even forbade him to enter the palace.One day, when the merchant was entering the gateway to the palace, he was stopped by the guards. The merchant was surprised due to this sudden change in the king's attitude.

The servant was nearby and mocking screamed at the guards, "Ho Guards! That merchant is favored by the king. He is a strong individual. He can have individuals detained or released or even thrown out, just as he had thrown me out of the reception of his daughter. Beware that you may suffer the same destiny." Hearing this, the merchant recognized that the servant somehow caused all this difficulty. He felt disgusted and got angry about the incident back home.He gave a second thought to everything, and then welcomed his house to the royal servant. With utmost respect, he treated the servant and flattered him with gifts and clothes. He said kindly, "O friend, I didn't throw you out that day because of rage, but it was wrong for you to occupy the seat reserved for the royal nobles. They felt insulted, and I had to throw you out of compulsion. Please forgive me." The servant was already flattered with all the donations, and he was full of happiness, "Sir, I forgive you.

He told the merchant that "I am going to show you how smart I am. I'm going to have the king in your favor as he was before." The servant returned home. When he began sweeping the palace floors early the next morning, he waited until the king lied half-awake.When the chance arrived, he began to sweep around his bed and mumbled, "Our king is insane, he's eating cucumber in the washroom!" The king was taken aback when he heard this. He got up angrily and shouted at the servant, "What nonsense are you talking about? If you hadn't been a royal servant, I would have punished you dearly.Once again, the servant fell on his knees and prayed, "O Master, please forgive me if I said something wrong. I was playing games all last night and I didn't sleep. I feel sleepy and I don't know what I was mumbling about." The Fall And Rise of A Merchant-Panchatantra Story Picture The King believed to himself, "I've never eaten a cucumber in the lavatory.

He wondered, "After all he was so successful in the whole administrative scheme that it became loose without him." Thus, after careful consideration, the king invited the merchant to the palace and flattered him with donations, jewels and clothes. He re-appointed the merchant to his position earlier held, and favored his services as before.


this story give us moral that One should treat with regard one and all , even the lowest.
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