Thursday, 12 September 2019


Once upon a time there was a merchant employing many carpenters and masons in his garden to construct a temple. They'd begin working regularly in the morning; The Monkey And The Wedge-Panchatantra Story Pictureand take a break for midday meals, and return to job until evening. A group of monkeys arrived at the building site one day and watched the employees leave for their midday meals.

A enormous log of wood was seen by one of the carpenters. Since it was only half-done; to stop the log from closing, he put a wedge in between. He then went off along with the other workers for his meal.

The monkeys went down from the trees when all the workers were gone and began to jump around the site and play with the instruments. There was one monkey who was curious about the wedge between the log. He sat on the log, put himself between the half-split log, caught hold of the wedge, and began to pull it.

The wedge went out all of a sudden. The half-split log shut in as a consequence, and the monkey was caught in the log gap.
He was badly injured, as was his fate.

:: moral ::

 One who interferes with the job of another certainly comes to grief.
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